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Scientific research projects

  • Semisolid processing
  • Semisolid ingot and shape casting of Al, Mg, Zn, Cu and grey cast iron alloys by mechanical stirring, SSR processing, gas injection, cooling slope, rheo-centrifuged casting, thermo-mechanical and other novel techniques
  • Semisolid casting of Al and cast iron in expendable molds under gravitational and centrifugal forces
  • Corrosion behavior of semisolid A356 alloy produced by casting and thermo mechanical methods
  • In-situ study of evolution of primary solid particles in semisolid processing of a transparent model material (SCN)
  • Welding of 6061 Aluminum plates using a hybrid semisolid-FSW (friction stir welding) method
  • Metal matrix  composites
  • Ex-situ fabrication of Al-SiC, Al-Cf, Al-CNT and Mg-CNT micro and nano-composites by vortex, compocasting, powder injection and gas pressure infiltration methods
  • In-situ fabrication of Al-Al2O3, Al-SiO2, Al-SiOC and Mg-Metal oxides micro and nano-composites
  • In-situ fabrication of cast Al matrix composites by in-situ pyrolysis of organic materials in the melt
  • Fabrication and characterization of Sn-Cu-SiO2(np) lead free solders
  • Macro-composite (compound) casting of Al-Al bimetals
  • Ingot and shape casting of cast Al-CNT and Mg-CNT nano-composites
  • Metal foams
  • Production of Al and Al matrix composite foams by melt squeezing, semisolid melt squeezing and gas pressure infiltration processes using NaCl and ceramic sphere space-holders
  • Fabrication of syntactic Al foams by gas pressure infiltration techniques using low cost minerals
  • Hydrophobicity of materials
  • Development of polymer and polymer matrix nano-composite hydrophobic coatings for ceramic substrates
  • Effects of solidification structure on water contact angle of Al and grey cast iron
  • Surface alloying and compositing
  • In-mould surface alloying of grey cast iron with Al and Cu
  • Friction Stir Processing (FSP) of Mg alloy with CNTs and other nano-particles
  • Laser surface alloying of steel plates
  • Squeeze casting
  • Squeeze ingot and shape casting of Al alloys, Mg alloys, grey and ductile cast irons
  • Squeeze casting of Al-Al2O3, Al-Cf and Al-Al bimetal composites
  • Hot tearing
  • Hot tearing susceptibility of A206 alloy and Al-SiC cast composite
  • Effects of running and gating system design on hot tearing susceptibility of A206 alloy
  • Designing an ICTC device and proposing a new criterion for evaluation of hot tearing susceptibility of cast alloys
  • Other research areas
  • Fabrication of lead free solders
  • Ultrasonic melt treatment of AZ91 magnesium alloy
  • In-situ study of the effects of electric filed on dendritic growth morphology using a transparent model material
  • In-mould eutectic modification of Al-Si alloys
  • Effects of nano-ceramic coatings on microstructure, mechanical properties and casting fluidity of thin walled aluminum castings
  • Casting optimization of HiSi cast iron for corrosive environments
  • Study of heat transfer in a scaled-down continuous casting copper mold
Scientific research projects

تحت نظارت وف بومی

Scientific research projects | Dr. Behzad Niroumand


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تحت نظارت وف بومی