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Workshops attended

  • Two days workshop on “Research methods and management” , IUT, 2014.
  • 10 hours workshop on “Responsible Conduct of Research”, UWM, 2012.
  • Two days workshop on “From Micro to Nano Litography” by Prof. F. Yaghmaie, IUT, 2010.
  • Two days workshop on “Effective teaching practice”, IUT, 2009.
  • One day workshop on "Production of High Performance Aluminium Castings" by Prof. J. Capmbell, Iran Aluminium Research Center, Tehran, 2009.
  • One day workshop on “Workplace safety and health”, IUT, 2007.
  • Two days workshop on “Introduction to XRD”by Prof. M.H. Enayati and H. Edris, IUT, 2003.
  • One day workshop on Steel Melting in Induction Furnaces by Prof. A. Changizove, Centre for Education and Research of Iranian Industries, Tehran, Iran, 1999.
  • Two days workshop on "Financial and General Management for Manufacturers" by Prof. E.J. Colville, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1997.
  • One day workshop on "Semi-Solid Processing of Materials" by Prof. K. Xia, Advanced Materials Center, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1994.


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